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Michisha Jiles


Mother, Believer, Preacher, Teacher, Soldier, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Giver, Peacemaker and so much more! When it comes to testimony, Michisha Jiles has some that will touch your heart. After seeing her fiancé, Oscar P. Duncan, gunned down in 2012, she found herself in the lowest moments of her life! Searching God for answers and purpose she discovered she had to go into prayer on how to turn the pain into purpose. 2018 began a journey through prayer, fasting, and supplication. God began to uncover the needs of His people. After going through her own hardships it was clear that the people are missing true help from genuine loving faith-based people! With many things happening around the world, she believes that it’s time to rely on God to deliver us from all nations to A’Cross the Nations! This is how ATN was born.


Ramona Cole

CFO|Vice President

"A God-fearing hard working mother of four, Ramona is an example of what love for others is all about.  As a entrepreneur, a professional driver and partner, Ramona loves challenging the limits and taking the limits off!  She loves spending time outdoors.  Being able to give back and help others brings joy to her heart!  She loves spending time with family and friends! 

Nakeea Lee


Nakeea is a wife, mother of four, aunt and caregiver!  When not busy taking care of her children, she is busy with school full-time and being a loving wife!  She loves giving back to the community and enjoys bring smiles to others faces!  Nakeea has had obsticles in her life that could have stagnated her, but instead, challenged the energy to being a God-fearing, beautiful, graceful and kind person!

Crystal Carpenter

Marketing Director

Crystal Carpenter is an inspiring leader in her community. She is a native Californian who has worked to help encourage and inspire people of all ages throughout the county of Los Angeles since 1999. Crystal specializes in helping people build their self-esteem through prayer, testimony, networking, giving back to the community, and so much more.

Danisha Thompson

Assistant Marketing Director

Danisha Thompson has exemplified & lived by the motto, “When they don’t give you an avenue, create one.” From mom, to fashionista, to soldier for community outreach; Wearing many hats is no easy task. But she does it with style-Creating a place where fashion doesn’t have to make sense!

Ebony Johnson


An Administrative Aide at City Hall Public Works Engineering Department. Ebony helps with City projects such as getting grants, and street improvements through right-aways, traffic signals, sidewalks and alleys. She also has a goal to provide for those who are in need of help, and let them know there is hope.

Monet Wilson


Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Monet is a Licensed Nurse, mother, and advocate. Her passion is to promote health, healing, and spirituality to individuals and strengthen lives. She believes that her education and career path truly have shaped her, and she strives to continue understanding various aspects of her field. She draws inspiration from life’s experiences, because she believes it’s our greatest teacher. In her spare time She is an avid reader; a complete make-up junkie, and is truly committed to continuing her mother’s legacy of community activism. Her motto is, “Let positivity control matters of the mind, body, and spirit.”

Carla Williams

Board Member

An inspirational leader and contributor to underserved communities, she takes vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, and brings them together into a logical whole. She is respected as a credible voice in decision making, along with her work ethics in business and project management.

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