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What We Do

A'Cross the Nations Aspires to be of service to those in need and to empower everyone we serve while spreading what we have learned through the word of god, and the example we have been shown by jesus christ.

Homeless Services

Provide temporary funding for hotel vouchers and temporary housing. Provide local homeless and displaced persons and families with food,  toiletries, and clothing. Group homes for transitional aged youth and transitional housing.  Housing assistance for security deposits and/or back rent.

Church Cross

Housing Services

Provide support to single parents to prevent homelessness, pay first and/or last month's rent and security deposit.

Provide temporary housing for victims of domestic violence and provide assistance towards placing them in permanent housing.

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Foster and Youth

Building youth centers to provide programs including summer camp, tutoring, before-and-after school care transportation, and lunch programs.

Provide camp field trips for inner-city youth.

Provide childcare assistance 

Provide financial assistance to foster parents and provide foster youth with items such as school supplies, clothing, toiletries, bedding, beds, and other starting items that the youth may need.

Provide housing for youth group homes, transitional housing and foster childcare.

There is the Oscar P. Duncan Scholarship for youth who are interested in careers in music, dance, or performing arts.

Provide textbooks, food and other necessities for youth who are college-bound.

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Re-Entry Services

Assist those who have just been released from prison by providing them with food, clothing, housing, interview training, job search assistance, and mental health services.


Missionary Work

Travel around America as well as to various countries providing clothing and food, building shelters, homes, and churches, while teaching children and youth there about the Word of God.

Church Cross

Disaster Relief

Provide vital necessities to aid those who have been affected by natural and/or terrorist disasters.

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